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I had found a reverse phone lookup site that gave excellent results with both landline and cell phone numbers.
Dave has previously worked at Microsoft and has written about technology for a long list of magazines that include PC World and Wired.
What I do is go to spoofcard dot com you can get minutes for cheap and not only can you have hours of fun messing with people but you can take the phone number that you want to reverse.
ID to display it will work everytime and is way cheaper and more fun than paying for a company to reverse a number for you.
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Cell Phone Reviews Motorola Phones Free Phone Free Cell Phone Flag Close Technology is both a boon and a hindrance in our world.
A cell phone reverse look up is a service which is ideally meant to reveal the mysterious phone number which keeps calling you at odd intervals.
Use a reverse cell phone company to track down any cell phone number within the USA and stop the guess work.
Risk Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Service Using a reverse cell phone lookup service online should not be like Russian Roulette.
Find out if that mysterious phone number is a telemarketer and share comments with other victims of unknown caller IDs.
With our mobile search application you can easily lookup any cell phone and get all the information about the owner.
Our system may help you locate their full name and previous address as well as their current contact details.
Our tracking system can provide information about present and past owners of many mobile numbers in U.
What a reverse number lookup aims at providing is purely past and present ownership information on specific numbers.
If you wish to trace a current location of the phone at any given moment in time you will need to use cell phone GPS tracking software.
This type of information can be obtained via cell phone spy software that has been preliminarily installed on the target phone.
What you get with a reverse number search is simply the name and address of the person who uses that phone.
By using our search tools you agree to use the information you obtain for legal purposes only according to your state laws and regulations.
The Terms and Conditions of the respective databases used to provide premium search results have to be agreed upon and followed separately.
Reversing a landline number is moderately difficult as the data is generally available to the public.
All of this is done by 3rd party providers and the company that can get access to a larger share of number owner data wins.
August 2012 involved scammers calling Medicare recipients and pretending that they are Medicare employees.
The victims are threatened to being cut off from the benefits unless they disclose their personal information such as SSN or bank account number.
Being able to check the identity of the caller via a reverse phone directory is an important safeguard against many types of phone scams.
The Do Not Call registry was established in 2004 and is the most efficient way to limit telemarketing calls that you receive.

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